Chilly Ferry Boat Ride to Buyukada, Prince’s Islands..

The morning I decided to go to the Prince’s Islands, it was a little gloomy and really, a normal person could have postponed it. I was adamant though. I was set on going so I did. I should have dressed more appropriately, you know. Warmer clothes and the likes.



I met an American (originally from Khazakstan) who was on this trip with his uncle. A gentleman and a great distraction from the sad short stories I had been reading.


I took a ferry from Kadikoy (I quite like saying the towns with a Turkish accent) to Buyukada (the largest island). If I had all the time in the world, I would have stopped at all four islands. I was not expecting the colonial architecture. Actually, I have never been in New Orleans before but from all of the documentaries and photos I have seen, Buyukada’s architecture and set up is similar to that of New Orleans. Strange observation.




I took a walk to the park, which is situated towards the peak of the island. I chose not to hire a bicycle (to save money, and it was all uphill to the peak). I also chose not to take the horse carriage. Mainly because the horses were in such an unhealthy state. I saw one with a bleeding foot, some with their horse shoes coming off and others looked a little malnourished. The horse poo smell grew on me. I got used to it.



I enjoyed some really good elastic ice cream on the walk. I forgot to mention that on my way to the ferry, I decided to get a cheap lunch from the cafeteria. It was flavoured bulgur rice with vegetables in a tomato based ratatouille form. So, as I arrived at the park, with my muscles all worked out, I found a bench to enjoy my 4TL lunch and a gorgeous view!



There are different shades of stray cats on this island. And, various modes of transport.




A day beautifully spent. A cuppa tea at the peak. A wonderful walk.

With Love,


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