The Leftovers..

Hah! Sounds like the name of a new girl band, does it not?

I assure you, it is not.

I am not too sure how this came about but three single-tons decided on watching a game of rugby (Natal Sharks vs Rebels) and heading out to town for a little bit of Drum and Base. FullSizeRender (3)

Free tickets? I will say yes to the game. Do I ever watch the rugby? On occasion.

If you are vegetarian, do eat a snack before heading to the stadium. I was left famished when all I could find were beef/chicken burgers, boerewors rolls and biltong. Well, you could have some french fries and peanuts. Thank goodness I was the designated driver. If I were drinking beer at the game, I would have passed out in no time from drinking on an empty stomach.


I really hate duck facing in photos! Somehow though, it happens.


We (Natal Sharks) won! Waaahay! Game started off with way too much testosterone (a fight in the first minute) but they eased in to the game. Great way to spend a sober evening. Basically, I was people-watching. One of my favourite past-times 🙂

We then decided to head out in to town for some drum and base at our favourite, dodgy pub. Why do we still go there? Good, mellow vibes, I’d say. Cheap drinks too. I had a Monster. It’s an energy drink similar to Redbull but tastes godawful!

FullSizeRender (8)

One can have such a great evening out with great music, conversation and laughing. You do not need alcohol to have a rad night out. Especially when you are the designated driver.

Thanks to the energy drink, I got home at 1am and still watched Pride & Prejudice. 

With Love,


PS: Okay, fine. The Leftovers: It has something to do with being single when everyone is getting coupled up, or engaged. I love it!

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