Day 13

Oh geez..

This is proving to be quite difficult. Monday. I have realised that I actually don’t get the chance to type every day. Who would have thought? This is a prime example on how we ignore our lives and we just live like robots. Or zombies, perhaps.

After the weekend, I have had an anti-climax feeling towards everything. Sometimes we just have to move on and pretend everything is okay. We have to learn from history.

I love having a car 🙂

Saturday I had spent the evening at a friend’s lovely Hawaiian themed birthday party and then the rest of the evening getting a mouthful from my dad for being FOUR minutes late!

Sunday. Too hot to move. Wakaberry.

be truthful thumbCAC871KX tumblr_mzeo86LBQC1tnf6b0o1_500

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