How to Survive Long Hauls and Layovers

With the wrap up of the last trip done and dusted, I thought I should share some tips on how to keep your sanity and not side-eye your fellow travellers. Travelling makes us irritable, strange things happen to our bodies (swollen feet, bloating, craving alcohol at 9am, you know…that kind of stuff) and waiting in airports makes one anxious, right?

I have had some weird flights where I have had to endure all sorts of madness. I must say that most of my issues have to do with my fear of flying! I do partially blame it on my obsession with air crash investigations; uh, do try to avoid that if you can. Here are some tips on how you can keep that poker face.


  1. It’s really all about what’s in your hand luggage! Let me tell you that this can make or break your trip, I kid you not! I have once forgotten my lip balm and I was ready to scream for an emergency landing! Dry lips, dry air – No! The desperation escalates to a 10 that you might want place wet wipes on your lips. I have gone through a list of things to pack here but I just need to emphasise how important your hand luggage is! You need lip balm, hand cream, a hydration mask, a book, earphones, socks, cardigan, etc. img_4732
  2. Comfy clothes. Whenever I tell my friends that I am going to wear comfy clothes, I always get the quizzical brow! They always assume that I am going to roll in at the airport looking like a pleb. Comfy is certainly not synonymous with sloppy, gosh! I just mean, comfortable. Whatever it is to you. For me, it means sneakers and a granny jersey in tow. Whatever you go for, always go for long pants.
  3. On the plane, you should probably opt for the aisle seat. Listen, I am a window seat gal but there are benefits for sitting on the aisle. You can get and stretch without receiving an eye-roll. If you also prefer a glass or two of wine to calm your nerves (as opposed to the usual horse tranquillizers I’d need), then you’ll also need bathroom breaks. Try to reserve your seat in advance to avoid disappointment! Hah! IMG_0840
  4. Lastly, long layovers also don’t have to be a schlep…or, a bore! I have had two incredible long layovers before, one in Singapore and the other in Shanghai. However, if you do not have the time or you’re too exhausted, then I would suggest airport pods! These are tiny rooms with a bed, wi-fi, refreshments, etc. I mean, it all depends on the airport. The Hanoi International has cute little pods and you can book a room via A number of airports have this service but some can get a little pricey. Dubai even has public showers! IMG_0972

What I am getting at here is that you should probably plan your long-haul flight and layover as articulately as you would plan your actual trip. It really does make a difference.

Do not forget that lip balm!



8 thoughts on “How to Survive Long Hauls and Layovers

    1. Thank you! You can never have enough lip balm! Always have a spare! 😅 Definitely appreciate all the good vibes as I’m drawing up an itinerary for Seoul – how is it so pricey? 💛

  1. I always find that my idea of comfy is synonymous with looking like a mess 😂 I always wear my best hoody and a pair of leggings. I also find it important not to wear makeup when flying, I always find I break out if I do and I have bad skin anyway. I love this post, it’s the perfect checklist!

    1. Haha! Your best hoodie will do! If my friends didn’t side-eye me, I’d 100% travel in slacks! Thank you for the comment! I swear by hydration masks and lip balm. 😃

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