How Long Does It Take To Get Frostbite?

Okay, hear me out! I am not even exaggerating, that question was in my mind when I couldn’t feel my fingers at the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival! Yes, it is worth a go but you NEED to be prepared! There is a short video of the whole experience – from taking the bus and applying heat pads to freezing my face off in a snow castle. Short because I could not keep my hands out of my pockets for longer than 10 seconds!


Be warned, these are not just covered in sugar, they are frozen too. Almost lost a tooth!



Somehow, we managed to go on one of the coldest days but we were a little smart about it and brought along heat pads. Please do not make the mistake of placing the pads on your skin, it burns us (*insert Smaegol voice)! Here’s the low down:

  1. Take some cash. You need cash in order to purchase the tickets and to get snacks along the way. I did not see ATMs in the area but I am sure WeChat pay will be available at the food court.
  2. Layers! I mean, LAYERS! You’re basically in an ice box. You cannot escape the cold. It seeps into your core. I mean, I even had knee warmers. I didn’t know such even existed! Also, don’t forget to get a mask.
  3. And, in between those layers, apply those heat pads! Your back, under your feet, thighs, in your gloves! You don’t want the frostbite paranoia; it gets vicious!
  4. If you’d like to use your phone to take photos and videos, make sure you have a fully charged power bank with you! Your fully-charged phone will probably last 30 minutes in the cold. It’ll last a bit longer if you have it plugged in (and keep the power bank in your pocket or somewhere warm-ish).


How To Get There

You can either take a taxi or you can take a bus. If you do decide to take a bus, take number 119 from XiDaZhi Jie (TieLu Jie or HaGongDa or XiDaQiao or ShiGuShangKe YiYuan bus stops) to the second bus stop on the highway.

Tip: refreshments are pricey…

Til next Thursday, x




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