The Universe Sings

Today is the 1st of February! I have been planning this day for months now. After heaps of research, I have finally decided to start blogging again. I have been learning the mandatory art of time management, balance, self-love and journaling!

It’s crazy that as one heads towards the late-twenties, you start freaking out! You start evaluating your life, trying to assess all of the decisions you’ve ever made, try to think about retirement (haha! No joke!) and you even start to take your bucket list seriously. You also tend to appreciate the small things a little more; a phone call with mum, a voice message from my nephew, the small victories at work, and getting through a mad day at work without having an internal break down.

Here are some ways I try to make the most of a day.

  1. This sounds ridiculous but it makes a HUGE difference! I have set my bedtime for 23:00 and wake up at 07:00. I feel well-rested the next day and my days are often productive!
  2. Lists are the best! This is how you can just get stuff done. And, the feeling you get when you tick things off that list! Also, if you don’t get everything done, don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t get over-ambitious, rather make them realistic!
  3. Multi-task. I mean, this makes sense. Don’t waste time by doing one thing at a time. Running on the treadmill? Why not watch the latest episode of Scandal (The Fixer) while you’re at it? Listen to a motivational podcast while you clean?
  4. Read. Whether it be a short article, a blog post, a chapter of a book, anything really. Setting 20 or 30 minutes before you go to bed will help you relax, escape, feel motivated for the next day or even help you read a bit more. You almost also kind of want to channel your mentor or a person you look up to; 99 % of them are avid readers (I made up the stats but you get the point). You don’t get inspiration/wiser/ideas by reading the pages of your own book; you need to branch out there and feed off what the rest of the world has to offer.

On that note, here is my Spotify playlist that can help you get up and get your day going. I am so excited to get back in to writing!

Til next Thursday! x


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