Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia and Breadsticks..

I have been meaning to bake my own bread for a while now. I completed a Learning for Sustainability: Developing a Personal Ethic course through Coursera facilitated by the University of Edinburgh online. The discussion forums are particularly insightful as you get to engage with people from different countries whereby the norms vary. I engaged in a discussion about how I can lower my personal carbon footprint even though I felt I was not contributing too much (which is rather subjective and ignorant). In fact, my carbon footprint seemed higher because I drive every day as our transport system is rather shoddy! Even though I am a vegetarian, buy from the local Food market that sources “locally” and try to car pool on weekends, there is still a bit of room for improvement. One of the questions was, “Where do you get your bread and milk?” I survive on approximately 1 litre of milk a week as I have my oats with water or I have a wholewheat toast for breakfast. So, the next question, “Why don’t you try to make your own bread?” Something as simple as making your own bread! The plastic wrapping and clip, the transportation, the preservatives, etc.


So, after watching the BBC Food program Paul Hollywood’s Bread, I was a little inspired. Really easy and simple. Flour, yeast, salt and water then garlic and fresh rosemary!


Voila! It has been raining for the past three days; it is the perfect time for freshly baked bread.

With love,


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