Coffee Acoustics..

Oh, and what a beautiful melody this makes.


A fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning, feeling all uhm, altogether while reading a book. The Factory Cafe. A little favourite of mine that I don’t venture out to often enough. You find hipsters here working on their Macbooks on a Saturday morning, looking oh so serious. I have photographic evidence. If you are out in decent clothing, working on your Apple Mac and drinking a strong espresso – you are certainly busy and important. Or, just pretending to be busy and important.


While dressed like a true Durbanite (Jeans and Slops), I enjoyed a glorious Cappuccino Grande, and a Breakfast Pancake (Scrambled egg, avocado and feta). Yum, who needs bacon anyway?! Ssshh..



To top the morning off? An acoustic jam session. Matt Vend has a voice you would like to take out on a date. Seriously. I had to stop reading and really enjoy his music. Harmonica, guitar and that voice! The great news is that he is touring South Africa at the moment (Aug – Sept) and you can get his relaunched album at his shows! What a darn treat!


Support local. Enjoy Local.

With love,


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