Walk-Abouts: Second Hand Markets and Galata Tower

The thing about travelling alone is that you won’t be in any of your photos unless you take silly selfies. I had to just get over the loathing of this silly trend!

The first proper day in Osmanbey/Taksim. I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. On my way to Taksim Square, I saw a random street market. It happened to be a second hand market! My favourite kind of shopping!

IMG_0930Unfortunately, my experience turned awkward when I realised that I was being followed. Oh, this ended up being a first of many. A local guy, started to speak to me in Turkish and I told him that I really do not understand. I just know the basics to get around. He still followed me and, in not so many words but mostly pointing, asked if I wanted to go to his house with him. He was persistent so I pretended that I was getting a taxi and he left. I continued to walk to Taksim. A little confused. I was again followed when I was on Istiklal Caddesi by a man that pretended to be talking on the phone. I have never encountered this before and it was a real shock. I have spoken to some local friends about it and I understand why this has been happening. It is rude and degrading in every possible way.

IMG_0929You will find freshly squeezed orange juice at some local markets. It is so good and refreshing. I have found that the Turkish lifestyle revolves around food and drink (mostly cay or coffee). This means that you will find street food wherever you go.


IMG_0957You would never think that there is a Catholic Church right in the centre of the busy Istiklal street. It is absolutely stunning.

From walking around so much in the heat, i took a little rest outside the Galata Tower. The evenings around the Galata Tower are bustling with young people drinking beer. It is cheaper to buy beers at the supermarket than to drink at a bar. Seriously, alcohol is so expensive here. I don’t think one could afford to become an alcoholic. I surely have been drinking far less than I would be in Durban.

IMG_0976IMG_0980Just like the street food vendors, the buskers are everywhere and be sure to support them. I have seen great acts as I have been exploring the city.

IMG_0961“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

I love being here.

With Love, x

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