I Could Pass as a Berber..

I have a colleague from Algeria! Wonderful gentleman with a sense of humour that will leave you stunned half of the time. In a good way. He really has a lifetime of knowledge.

Anyway, I am African and I really do not know so much about many African countries. He decided to educate us a little and we had an Algerian afternoon at work. A powerpoint presentation, smorgasbord of Mediterranean treats (including baklava for desserts) and bit of guitar sing along desert tunes.

I learnt that:

– Algeria is the largest African country by land mass.

– Zinedine Zidane is of Berber origin!

– It snows in Winter (sometimes)!!! Yes, the bottom half of the country is a desert and the top half, is well…normal?

– Algiers, the capital city, is commonly known as the White City because of the white painted buildings throughout the city. Looks stunning!

– French and Berber as well as other dialects are spoken…

The great thing is…I had the chance to dress up! Yup! I could definitely pass as a Berber Princess 🙂



I love learning about other cultures!

Live. Love. Laugh.


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