Senseless: Xenophobia in Durban

I rarely delve into serious, grave topics in general as I love giving off positive energy. However, a month ago in Durban, xenophobic attacks took to the Durban townships once again. History repeating itself. To correct myself, it should be Afrophobia or simply, hate crimes. It is not a phobia!

I would say Afrophobia as these violent attacks were against Black African foreigners by Black South Africans. I stand to be corrected, that seven foreigners were killed with many injured and displaced from their South African homes.

I attended a peace march in the Durban CBD which turned violent. So, to stay out of trouble, I decided to visit the refugee camps set up for the foreigners that were violently removed from their homes.

Here is my experience in photos:

Curries Fountain

image2 (2)image3 (2)

I gathered some clothes from colleagues in order to donate to the refugees.

Damaged Police Vehicle


Lining Up for Clothes



Let us hope that South Africa can sort itself out soon. This is a beautiful country; we do not need this nonsensical violence.

Peace & Love,


PS: It has stabilised and some foreigners have moved back to the SA homes.

One thought on “Senseless: Xenophobia in Durban

  1. So sad to hear of this. I worked in SA in the townships of Jo’burg during the election when Mandela went in. A lot of complicated issues that lead to violence. I am hopeful that SA will mend soon

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