Kumi visits Big Eye Branding

What an honour!

I work for an outstanding company, Big Eye Branding. They think out of the box. Hmm, I don’t think they were ever packaged in that said box. The loonies that were kept out of the box. That’s what we love, right?

We have introduced something called the Inspiration Station/Expression Seesions where we host phenomenal people to share their extraordinary, inspiring stories. We want to be the change we want to see.

We invited Greenpeace International Executive Director, Dr Kumi Naidoo.



He is so laid back and eases you in to the session. He shared his life with us. This was a humbling experience; a person of such great magnitude happens to be a normal guy and wishes to be treated so. The day before our talk, there have been movements in various University institutions to remove the Cecil John Rhodes statue; it was removed at UCT. We even had the chance to pick his brain about that topic.



 I am so glad we managed to pull this off. Many minds were persuaded to live green lives. Yes!

With Love,


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