Umthatha Roadtrip with the Family..

One of my sisters is getting married at some point in her life. After the many traditional ceremonies. This is the third ceremony. In case you missed the boat, I am Zulu. My sister is set to wed a Xhosa man. Boy, they are not pleased! This is the third traditional affair because we have hosted the Lobola negotiations, we have had the uMembeso ceremony where the groom brought gifts, livestock and an insanely boozy party, and now, we take gifts to the groom’s family.

We awoke at 3 am to leave Durban at 04:30am. With African Timing, we left at 06:00am.

I drove that long distance in my car (the old girl); with my mum, aunt and all three nephews. I went a little mental. I was yearning for a quiet corner after a couple of hours driving.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) 2015-31-3--21-38-26 2015-31-3--21-51-35 2015-31-3--21-54-58 2015-31-3--21-58-19 2015-31-3--22-00-23 2015-31-3--22-02-04 2015-31-3--22-04-04 2015-31-3--22-12-11 2015-31-3--22-13-01 2015-31-3--22-13-54 2015-31-3--22-17-33 2015-31-3--22-26-23 2015-31-3--22-28-26 2015-31-3--22-29-45 2015-31-3--22-30-57

Loads of driving, much more road kill (my aunt and I eventually started a tally), copious amounts of laughter and tons more over-taking trucks. It was a weekend to remember. Needless to say, I came back knackered and fell asleep at 19h00.

To many more road trips, love and laughter.

With Love, x

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