The Glenwood Bakery – Sunday Morning Bliss

Nothing like the scorching Sunday morning sun in Durban. It gives me a lot of energy that I need pass around..

Having a cappuccino (or two) and breakfast with a good friend adds the cherry on top. Nick and I can find ourselves talking for hours! About everything and anything. We ran out of time. It was lunch time and I had to fight the urge to order a freshly made pizza.

I have had this lovely little place on my list for a while. My golly! It is worth it! They do start selling freshly made bread at 6am every morning. They are normally sold out by mid-morning. This alone says a lot about the bread. It is divine!

The best bakery in town!

There is something about good conversation and divine food that gives me goosebumps (in the greatest possible way). It makes me so happy, I just want to jump and shimmy shake at the same time.

His and Hers? Smooth cappuccino.

I love the morning chats with friends; I am slowly turning everyone into “morning people”.

This is normally a coffee mission, however, I had been gallivanting for a while. We had a thousand topics to cover. Breakfast was on the cards. A bagel and poached eggs on toast.

This set beautiful vibrations for the rest of the day. I am in a happy place. 🙂

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