The Undulating Journey: Joy.

Mare & Itis

Joy (noun): “A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.”

I have often wondered why I have always been the victim of the infamous “tears of joy”. I can only imagine that the path leading to immense joy is a long, sad, treacherous journey. How else would you possibly know that you have arrived at destination Joy without getting bruised and battered along the way?

In my short period of existence, I have known joy to be a temporary fixture. Appears every now and again as a guest. You know, to reassure you that all is not lost. He arrives in all shapes and sizes. Upon departure, you yearn for his return.

Oh, well..

I recall a time in my life: wake up, work, eat, sleep. A time of unhappiness and apathy. Now, I listen to music. The hypnotic voice of Ben Howard. I know. I just know that he has…

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