Coffee Time: The Boiler Room..

A few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “All I want to do is drink coffee.”

I made a list. A list of all the cafes that I have not tried out in Durban. My my, the list is long! However, I have chosen 15 cosy little coffee nests.

I have rules.

1. The coffee cannot cost more than R18.

2. I cannot eat at the cafe. Yes! This is strictly a coffee adventure. Ahem! Also, if I spent every Saturday morning drinking coffee and eating breakfast I would have to get a second job. Or, even better, bask outside these cafes with a “please donate for a good coffee cause” bowl!

3. I love early mornings. The crisp, fresh morning air. A cuppa should be enjoyed before 09h00 am.

The new cafe at the Old Lion Match Factory.
The new cafe at the Old Lion Match Factory.

First stop. Bright and early on a Saturday morning. My favourite. A really good friend (who is not so much a morning person) has decided to join me on this quest.

I enjoyed a frothy cappuccino. The atmosphere is laid back with the coffee machines on complete overdrive. This place is getting quite popular. At 08:30 am, there was a queue. I waited outside for a while – beautiful, fluffy green grass. The menu is written on the wall (yay!) with only the day’s special on paper. The inner treehugger spoke!

A Frothy (heart-y) Cuppa..

The Boiler Room Cafe is located at the Old Lion Match Factory office park (a hidden gem, really). The food menu looks absolutely mouthwatering with its fresh and light meals.

The Old Factory

Give it a whirl! The cafe is open from Monday to Friday (07:30 – 15:30) and on Saturdays (08:00 – 14:00).

Friendly service, delicious coffee, lovely atmosphere.

With Love,


How Green Is This Grass?!

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