Day 248..

After counting down the minutes and seconds at work, we had mini celebratory drinks. Celebratory and venting drinks, more like. Long week at work, and it’s a Friday! Always seem so unreal, you know, the 17:00 mark on a Friday.

A colleague, and now new friend, Jen and I went for two drinks (and a shooter). It was supposed to be one drink. Awful being the designated driver. All the time. I wish I had a driver. Or, money for a cab every time I want to head out. Drop Kick Murphey’s on Florida Road is always such a good vibe.

Sounds odd but it was great to have girly advice and venting time. Give insecurities the boot and live life as it comes; enjoy it, savour every moment and show the ones you care about exactly how you feel. No what-ifs. Noted. Many may have the same problem as I. Opening up seems a great deal. So, from this day on, I am going to be more open to the ones I like, love and care about. As Jen said that the worst thing to do is unintentionally push friends and family away because of your unconscious actions. Oef!

What you see

Because, it is a beautiful life..
Because, it is a beautiful life..

Don’t hold back.


Love & Light,


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