Weekend Special: Day 46 & 47

And maybe a bit about day 45 as well.

Valentine’s Day. I don’t really hate it. I don’t mind it. Just another day really. Don’t feel less loved just because I don’t get chocolate and roses, or sweet texts and phone calls. It was a normal day, really. Work. Go home, hang out. Chill. Sister and I got a bit excited watching Sister Act! I had seen Jenny the night before. To say goodbye. She’s back in Belgium now. It was lovely having her back here, even though I saw her three times in the duration of her stay here because I live in a prison with my dad as the very strict warden. He doesn’t approve of girls driving alone at night. Or, to girls that drink alcohol. Or, that to boys. I don’t think he wants me to leave the house really. The “rebel” that I am though, I just leave. YOLO.

Reunion: Girls having fun..
Reunion: Girls having fun..

Day 46. Saturday. 15 February. The day after sort of feeling, haha! Nothing worth noting.

Day 47. Sunday. Playing nanny and chef de cuisine. I nailed that oxtail! And my mashed potatoes looked and tasted (I would imagine) like something out of Michel Roux’s kitchen. My sister wanted to go out and get all romantic with her fiancé. I offered to babysit. Little did I know that he’d poo like 5 minutes after she leaves. My nephew is going to be 3 months old on Tuesday. I have never gagged so much, nearly vommed on this poor baby. Crap! I swear I think he was having a kick out of it. I am ending the day with a good glass of red wine and winding down to Six Pence None the Richer. I have been feeling rather anxious this weekend. I haven’t finished a single movie that I have started.

The Nephew and I ..
The Nephew and I ..

I have some roller coaster emotions the passed week but I just didn’t have the time to jot everything down. Or the energy. I know what I want, and I am going for it.


“If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere. You better wake up and pay attention” — Sister Act (1993)

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