Day 34

Monday. It wasn’t all bad. I was busy so I didn’t keep a watchful eye on the clock.

Nothing much happened today. But, Jenny has arrived in SA!!! We are having a booze cruise (just an excuse to have a cocktail party on a boat) on Sunday. I cannot wait for the weekend, I am frothing! Plus, to make the most of the weekend, I have taken Friday off. February will be my 28 days of happiness.

Problem: Fuel prices are increasing. By the end of the month, petrol might be R16 a litre. Uhm…


I think my father thinks I am a boy. The son he never had (I have four sisters). The first thing he does when I get back from work; he drags me outside to have a look at his new tyres and talk cars. I suppose I am the only one that really listens to him when he talks about such. Tyres, construction, cars.

“Well, I can’t describe her exactly – except to say that she was beautiful. She was –¬†tremendously alive.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald




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