Weekend Special: Day 32 & 33

Hmm, now it gets to the difficult part. Actually counting the days and not just looking at the date. haha!


Had to make my dad’s breakfast before I left the house. Beautiful day. Sunny. Feeling rather good and cheesey :). Market day, too. Went to JP’s house (mentioned him in a previous post, I am sure, so you’re acquainted now) to leave my car there so we could go to the market together. Drove past his gate (I don’t even know how I did that, maybe because I was singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Feeling 22” so loud I got side tracked!) and had to go ’round the block. I was half an hour late. This is becoming a habit. It needs to stop.

Beautiful day at the market. Yay for cherry flavoured beer! Good to see some friends. Finally purchased the dog shampoo and my goats milk and honey soap bars. Yum! Had a little walk about. Hot & sweaty by now. Hmm, what to do next. We had up until we got to the parking lot to decide on what to do.

Next stop. Remembered that a friend (three friends to be exact) was moving house. Decided to go see the new place. It is cosy and homey. I just had so many decorative ideas for the place. I just cant help myself. House warming gifts. Alles! Maybe, I was an interior decorator in my previous life. Just like how I was a Nubian princess.

Still didn’t feel like going home. Took a walk down the road to buy me some ice cream. And, perfume. Would love to hang out some more but had to dash back home to cook dinner. Seeing JP again in 3 hours to watch a 19:45 movie with my 12 year old sister. Thank G-d she didn’t pick an animation — even though JP would have appreciated it, haha. But really, I am not paying R53 for an animation. We watched Last Vegas. Hilarious film. Not suitable for 12 year olds (although the restriction was 10 PG!). Sooo good to laugh out loud like that. I am terrible at reviewing movies so I wont even attempt it. But, I really don’t want to get old. haha. That’s all. Watch the film and you’ll definitely understand why. One moment you’re an invincible young buck, the next you need a bed pan and hearing aids. Bugger.

Sneaky Happiness
Sneaky Happiness

That was my Saturday. Perfect way to spend a beautiful day.

Sunday. Hair day. AKA day 33.

Saw my mum for a bit. I worry about her at times. Bless her.

Getting my usual box braids. Sat down for a good three and a half hours (record time)! My ass. Definitely not as cushion-y as it looks. That was my day gone.

Is it possible to have mosquitos nesting only in one particular spot in my room? I am starting to get suspicious. I ONLY get bitten when I’m sitting at my dresser. Sneaky little buggers!

Life has changed in the past month or so. Emotionally. Mentally, perhaps. Getting to understand why certain things have happened. One cannot be bitter. The only thing worth doing is embracing the changes. As momentous as it may sound, it is probably all worth it.

Finding magic in empty spaces..
Finding magic in empty spaces..

Right on. Go forth and find your magic :).

Love & Light, xx.

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