Day 31

Fridays always drag on.

But, I am a little excited for later. For the first time ever, I am going to sort out my natural hair, from scratch!! Haha, I know it’s no awesome house party with cool people on a Friday night. But, somehow this seems more exciting! Or, I am just becoming lame.

The day was bearable. Even though one of my colleagues and I were literally counting down the minutes until 17:00.

Oh gosh. I have a confession. So after work I decided to head down to the Food Lovers Market with my sister to get some veggies. I bought five, fucking FIVE, different cakes and pastries! All for myself. I also bought my sisters their own doughnuts so they don’t ask for my goodies. I am a piglet.

Having a cream horn with tea this minute.


I thought I would post photos of how I managed my hair. But, in short: had to cut the braids, shampoo, apply a leave in conditioner for 60 minutes, air dry, apply hair treatment for natural hair (AKA Afros), smother in castor oil then plait some “Bantu” plaits so the hair is easier to manage. Thank you Jenny and Google for the help!

I do have before and after images. But, they can’t seem to upload. Better luck next time.

Love & Light. x

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