Day 28

Aaaah, I couldn’t type anything while I was raging about these mosquitos! I have seven bites on one leg! Why me?!

Feeling rather down together. Not sad as such. Just down. I hate how condescending my colleagues are. It’s frustrating. Its unnecessary. I can’t even get in to that topic without getting ready to vent and rage and call them all sorts of awful words. But, no. I am better than that. I will walk away from the temptation of giving them a mouthful; or even writing about it. I’d rather not give off those negative vibes.

When I got home, my father made me wash my car. Thought it was a mission but I got in to it. Pretty stoked I did. I got the family out, monitoring me. She is clean. {Yes, she is still nameless}..

Love & Light, x



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