Day 27

I have something against Mondays. I am sure there is a list in my sub conscious mind. When I finally realise it, I am certain that it will be long. No, it was not a bad day. But it was not a good day either. Just average.

I wish I did not have to deal with sibling rivalry at this age. Are we not getting too old for this? Bickering and “I will not talk to you” crap.. Received a rather rude text message from one of my sisters. I don’t deal well with such. It’s either I get really angry, rage then throw things around or I walk away as if nothing was said. I chose the latter. It requires tons of energy to get angry and its an awful feeling. So, what is the point? I vented to the domestic helper/tea lady at work and she understood. Do not underestimate the power of venting to a stranger. Straight after that, I had already forgotten about the entire situation.

“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful  weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.” — Carlos Santana

Tickets for the Transfari Festival have been booked! Now to tell my father. Oh dear. It starts on the evening of my dad’s birthday. So, I am planning on taking him out for a fancy dinner the night before just so he kind of lets me off the hook. I hope the plan works..

I will talk about the article below tomorrow. I t is not to create a racial divide at all. Read the article.  Send me your opinion too.


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