Day 21

Where did all the days go??

This is insane. Project 365 is proving to be quite a challenge. Are you telling me that I can’t find half an hour in my day to reflect and write my two cents worth? Life.

Tuesday. Normally quite boring. The cleaning lady at work has a poor pregnant neighbour that she had been telling me about. I spent the weekend collecting disposable nappies, baby creams and some of my old clothes to give her. I felt so heart sore that she was going to bring a life on Earth meanwhile she cannot even clothe or feed herself. Stereotypically in these situations, the father of this unborn baby has fled the scene. It felt so good to do something for someone that I have never met before. It really does not hurt to be kind. Not even a follicle.

On Saturday. Or, Friday. My weekends are just all merged in to one day. I decided to watch 12 Years a Slave. I am glad I did. What a darn slap in the face. I urge every single human being to watch the film. Black & White. Slavery was a reality some what 150 years ago. That’s not so long ago if you think about the Earth’s history. It’s pretty much like it was happening yesterday. God, what an awful, awful thing! I ask myself how people could possibly have so much hate towards another race. I will never tolerate anybody, black or white, using the term nigger loosely. Such a disgusting connotation to it. It was also disgusting to see that if a white man needed a vagina, they would go for the black female slaves. After all, they had no feelings, no rights — just vaginas. Somehow, I have a feeling this could still be happening in the twenty-first century but in a more subtle way. What a shame. Of course, I promote a non-racist, non-sexist environment, but it does not mean that I over look all the wrong in my country, especially. I wish to change people’s perceptions and mind sets. Watch the film and weep..

12 years a slave 12_Years_A_Slave

I have been making some fun plans with some friends. I think I owe it to myself. God, I love having a car, haha!

Finally, Man United supporters have been rather quiet after the Chelsea thrashing. Eina! And naturally, the coach is getting the rough end of it.

Oh, I would really LOVE a pair of these..dream a little VELVETI need a sponsor? xx

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