Day 6

Monday, 6th January 2014 (Lord knows, I will never forget this date)

Holy Moly Mother of sweet Jesus!

What a day! I am so overwhelmed with feelings. Life. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Woke up. Slowly. Feeling rather exhausted. Damn Monday! Was running a little late. Grabbed a large mango and dashed out. Dogs didn’t follow me out this morning. Hallelujah.

It was a long day at work today. From the MD asking me to book his (and the sons’) Bombay flight using his SAA voyager miles (what a complicated feat!)..tons of work. But, I managed.

I was busy talking to the cleaning lady during my lunch break and somehow I offered to teach her 8 year old son English on Saturdays. She was telling me how awful the school is and the teachers couldn’t give a flying fart about education. Then, I just blurted out, “I will do it for free on Saturdays”. I love seeing a single parent showing some concern at such an early age. So, I will be putting together some lesson plans and helping this young boy how to read and speak in English. I am so excited and I feel all will be well in the world. One step at a time. She cannot afford to take her son to a better school so I should help out. I was blessed to get a good education. I should share my blessings with others less fortunate.

Anyway, on my way back home, I was getting peeved that my dad kept on calling me, wanting to know where exactly I am. Ugh! He normally picks me up from the bus stop where I jump off. As I jump off, I see his car parked there. He tells me that he just wants to drive to his friend first. All I can think about is food. I am starving. I’ve only had a mango for lunch :(. We drive to his “friend’s” house. [Don’t think my dad realised that it’s a Monday — I am a little bleh]. His friend walks towards me, shakes my hand and says, “congratulations, here’s your surprise” while he’s handing me over the car keys!!!!!!!!

Shit. This is not a dream. I have a car. I was shaking and cried and jumped up and down. Best. Surprise. Ever.

Unfortunately, there are some people that are not happy for me. Even worse that it’s my own family that is not stoked.

2014 made!

I am feeling so positive about this year. I have this under control. This is the year for big changes, positive changes. Just plain extraordinarily amazing things will be happening this year and I can feel it!

The World is Yours
Don’t Stop Believing..
Making my dreams become a reality..

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