Day 4

Hello Saturday 🙂

Isn’t it lovely waking up at 08:00. Coffee while I watch the news. The morning starts off quite lazy. I make breakfast. An English breakfast. Spent most of the day in slacks. Took the dogs (three of them!) out for a walk about. But, really, just a poo down the road. My father got a little excited when he heard there’s a local selling cycads with certificates. He dashed off with his mate and he bought seven! Cycads are a protected species so…its great that he has a certificate about where he bought them. We spent the day out I the yard planting cycads. And blimey, it was scorching hot outside. Durban heat in summer.

After some manual labour. I decided to make myself a cocktail and have a swim. Great idea. Especially since I had a new magazine I could read by the pool side.

Not a bad day. Until I decided to make a yummy bolognaise..

Uhm…my father thinks minced meat (ground beef) is for people with no teeth…or cat food as he said. Oh well, decided to ignore those comments. I thought it was yum. So did my sister. He can just starve then, I guess.

And about guys: I am slowly getting over you. “…so you will have your wish then” simply cut deep. Really painful when you realise that we were never on the same page about things. Not that I wanted too much from you.

What a day. So good to get in to bed.Pool side chilling


Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher. – Maya Watson

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