Day 3

Friday, 3rd January 2014..

Why am I not excited that its Friday when I wake up for work. As the day went by, it was clear why I just was not amped..

1. The bus driver didn’t hear the bell so he drove past my stop. Oh dear, I was having silent prayers that I wouldn’t be late for work. I was not. Signed in at 7:55am. Thank goodness, or a colleague would have had a fanny wobble about it. Stay cool, calm, collected…and positive.

2. I have had a lot of back log at work. Not my fault, of course. But, a staff member has left the company so her work was redistributed amongst everyone. So, we are all a little swamped. Then, the manager has the nerve to ask me to come in during the weekend to catch up. Uhm…unpaid. Not a chance. If I loved my job, I would. I often like doing more than what is required of me. But, not here. I really don’t like how I am treated there. It’s a weird environment. They all pretend (except the MD) they adore you, but meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Anyway, I left work at 17:45…

3. I had a little disagreement with a colleague. To be honest, I secretly want to do her head in…I must say, I think some of my colleagues bring out the worst in me. It makes me so sad. This person, one that complains, wants to do peoples’ heads in, venting; this is not me. This is not the person that I want to be.

And…I am staying in to sleep early because I am that knackered. Phew..

Enough for one day.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho


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