Day 1

My lovely friend and I.

Happy New Year!

I thought about this blog towards the end of 2013. Would it not be interesting to actually read about how your life changes in just one year? This is my challenge for 2014. The small high and lows, joys, disappointments that we seem to forget as the year goes on.

My friend came over to my house to spend a quiet NYE together; wine, nibbles and loads of talking. I am 23 years old. I am not a loner, nor a loser. Just exhausted of this monotonous party scene. Get drunk, party hard the whole night, regret it the next morning. I simply hate hangovers. Which makes having mellow wine/cocktail (in moderation) evenings more enjoyable.

Woke up today (1 January 2014) without a hangover. However, I was pretty peeved with my 6 week old nephew that I was also babysitting! How dare he not sleep for longer than 2 hours! Numerous angry phone calls to my sister later, she came back from her heavy night. I slept for 3 more hours. That was it. That is all that my body needed. NO WAY!

Spent the day chit-chatting and lazying about. Had a little braai with the family.

Work tomorrow. This has to be torture.


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